Circuit Benders’ Ball Announces New Producer and Show Date

Tyler Blankenship (left) films Carl Oliver (right) at CBB 2014. Photo by Skipp Frazier.

Tyler Blankenship (left) videotapes Carl Oliver (right) at CBB 2014. Photo by Skipp Frazier.

Hey everyone. Tony here. I have the great pleasure of announcing Circuit Benders’ Ball’s new producer, the person who will organize a team and produce the next festival. That person is…

Tyler Blankenship.

Tyler is a Nashville-based artist, musician, and filmmaker. He’s worked on past Circuit Benders’ Balls, organized many shows at Queen Ave, and participated in both Modular Art Pods. In October 2016, he will produce the first independently-run Modular Art Pods at Queen Ave. I’m confident that he will take Circuit Benders’ Ball to new heights.

And now to the festival date…

For the first three editions, CBB was biennial: 2010, 2012, and 2014. The next show was supposed to happen in 2016. But we decided to push the next show to 2017. This will give Tyler and his team the time needed to organize a phenomenal show. We don’t have an exact date set yet, but we know it will be in late 2017.

I will still be involved. For example, I look forward to researching potential performers and may even get to perform myself this round. But for 2017, Tyler Blankenship will take the lead, and I’m excited for all that he will bring to the festival.


Tony Youngblood
CBB Founder

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