Electric Inertia

Circuit Benders’ Ball Spotlight on Electric Inertia


Guest post by Devin Bell.

Cincinnati filmmaker and musician Electric Inertia (Jonathan Hancock) will be performing at the Circuit Benders Ball on Friday, April 11th. Jonathan will process his trumpet through circuit-bent loop devices and effects. He’ll be accompanied by his own analog visuals.

He shoots on color reversal 8mm film. His techniques include etching directly on the film and shooting high frames per second to achieve slow motion. In his own words, his goal for the audience is “to be entertained and have something to talk about.” Don’t miss Electric Inertia during the Friday performances at the Circuit Benders’ Ball.

Devin Bell is a circuit bender, hacker, and member of the bands Blight Side of Life and WΛ∀E. He’ll be performing with Jacque Fullwood as WΛ∀E Friday night at the Circuit Benders’ Ball.