2014 Artists

Abandoned On Fire (Arnie Holder) is a post-chiptune co-operative music project heavily influenced by digital hardcore, amigacore, death metal, and chipthrash.

Aether Jag (Bridget Venuti) coaxes textural noise soundscapes out of instruments she designs and builds.

Age (Josh Gumiela & Luke Rainey) is horizontal sound composition process based in Nashville, TN.

Artists Alexis Jones and Brittanie Jackson will be exhibiting their Prisms installation.

b4by f4c3 (Frank Angotti ) makes various Daякcнip/ ɴoɪse/ ɢʟɪtch/ ɢʀɪme aɴd chiptunes.

Black Cat Sylvester and crew will demonstrate their SynthTable musical invention. (See Panels & Presentations for more info.)

Brady Sharp, an extended technique experimental guitarist, will use PureData and other coding programs to process and manipulate guitar.

Brendan Byrne, a Brooklyn experimental new media artist, will use circuit-bent toys like the Casio-SK1 and simple CMOS logic chips to create a web of digital signals which are then run through Max/MSP to generate audio.

Carl Oliver uses Eurorack Modular Synthesizers to create impromptu experiments and improvisations.

Cher Von, a Louisville experimental loop artist, will conduct a free form improv featuring guest circuit benders.

Chris Richards will demonstrate his Knew Beat musical invention, a device that conducts, composes & arranges music by motion. (See Panels & Presentations for more info.)

Waveshaper is the experimental music project of David Wright Lagrone. At the Ball, he will performe “In Spirit, In Blood, In Mind,” a three piece movement that incorporates handbuilt drone synthesizers and the IPad apps Buddha Machine and Gestrument.

dish_drone_dish_drone_dish_drone  is a project of Virginia Griswold & Morgan Higby-Flowers in which mic-ed household objects are cut and processed through an analog video system.

Dylan Ethier will generate a super fast Max-based sound patch, stacking on top of itself to create up to 16 multitimbral parts based off of one initial pattern. It’ll also get sent to a circuit bent NES console to create glitched-out synchronized visuals.

Electric Inertia, the trumpet/electronics project of Cincinnati-area artist & filmmaker Jonathan Hancock, will create a circuit bent symphony looping acoustic instruments on bent voice recording toys.

Garland Villanova is a Chicago interdisciplinary/multimedia artist who uses circuit-bent toys, electronics, and acoustic instruments to create metaphorical storytelling.

Graphic Tease aka Maddy Madeira uses homemade instruments, effects pedals, and tape loops to make wrathful, aurally destructive music.

Hadals (Anderson Cook & Austin Gaines) uses circuit-bent keyboards, contact mics, signal generators,  and various effects pedals to create harsh noise, drone, and mean stuff for jerks.

Hardon Collider is the Cincinnati experimental circuit bending project of Brendan Mucillo.

Jeff Boynton of Los Angeles will perform using circuit bent instruments he built himself. He’ll control them both manually and by interfaces he designed, such as a light interface attached to a video monitor.

Jeff Boynton. Photo by Ellen Bloom.

Jeff Boynton. Photo by Ellen Bloom.

Kellie Bornhoft, Nashville-based multimedia artist, will be showing works that explore technology’s portrayal of our natural world and the effects of artificial representations.

Kurt James Werner, Ph.D. candidate in Computer-Based Music Theory and Acoustics at Stanford and inventor of the iOS circuit bending app bent.fm, will conduct a presentation on his work. (See Panels & Presentations for more info.)

Matt the PM, 1/2 of Workshoppe Radio Phonik, will create glitched out videos for many of the performances.

Meltface Video Destruction aka Devin Lamp makes visuals, such as his work at the 2013 Track One BYOB and many Future Nights at Boheme Collectif. For the Ball, he will be incorporating 10 projectors to create visuals for the performers. He also directed this Fragments of God video:

Mike Hester converts video into C++ code and turns that code into aleatoric music.

Morgan Higby-Flowers makes glitch media by turning old video mixers in on themselves.

Noise Furniture is the music project of Christopher Lavery, an arts professor at Murray State University.  For the Ball, he’ll perform using various circuit bent toys, hacked objects, record players, and iPad/iPhone interfacing with Max/MSP.

Osvaldo Gonzalez is a Nashville mulitimedia artist who will be presenting his installation “Ill Tempered Clavier,” a bent toy keyboard that modulates in response to listener’s presence.

Robbie Lynn Hunsinger is a classical Oboist turned multi-instrumentalist, improvisor, multimedia artist and composer now working in custom computer code to create interactive multimedia compositions. For the Ball she will be presenting two multi-media installations.

Skoolgirl is the noise rock project of Stan Richardson and a host of other Nashville musicians. For the Ball, he will be performing a special circuit-bent set. Underwater Dollhouse aka Patricia Faulkner will live paint Stan’s clothing and face as he performs.

stAllio! aka Benjamin Berg of Indianapolis is a pioneer of databending—the creative misuse of digital information in ways other than was intended—regularly incorporating sonified data files into his music and even making music composed exclusively of such sounds. Before long, he started applying similar techniques to the visual arts, making a name for himself in the emerging field of glitch art. His latest album A Huge Smash shatters pop music history into tiny-but-still-recognizable fragments and rearranges them in increasingly complex ways.

sugar sk*-*lls is the chiptune project of Ben Marcantel. He’ll use a Gameboy loaded with special homebrew cartridges to create music. Jeffrey Stanfill will provide live visuals. He directed the following sugar sk*-*lls video.

SURVANT is the counter-surveillance project and also the sensory assault noise/glitch performance of New York City’s Patrick Quinn. Utilizing USB dead drops, SURVANT aims to problematize the surveillance efforts of governments/police as well as educate citizens on counter-surveillance tactics. Patrick also is also a proponent of DITHER DOOM, a musical genre associated with Mayan New Media Art, explained in this interview he did with Jon Cates.

The Tree Is Base is the brand new circuit-bent project of keyboardist Paul Horton, an artist that seems to be everywhere. His projects include Concurrence with Greg Bryant, his breakbeat project No Stress, and as a session musician on albums such as the Alabama Shakes’ Boys & Girls.

Tim Carey is one half of the ambient space music band 84001 who along with The Protomen composed the music for the breakout Nashville play Terminator the Second. For the Ball, he’ll be working with Gameboys, distortion, and live sampling with a Casio SK-1 toy keyboard.


Tim Kaiser from Duluth, MN has been producing experimental art for the past 30 years. He builds ingenious instruments, both circuit-bent and acoustic, for musicians around the globe. Here’s a wonderful Make TV segment profiling Tim’s process:

Workshoppe Radio Phonik is the sound collage/circuit bending duo of Matt the PM & Pimpdaddysupreme, who have been making music and video together for over 15 years.

WΛ∀E is the new project of Jacque Fullwood and Blight Side of Life’s Devin Bell. For the Ball, they will also be exhibiting interactive circuit-bent art. The sounds made with the exhibits will be recorded, then those recordings will be turned into samples for glitchDS. Long cords with switches, knobs, and photoresistors on the ends will be stretched out for the audience to interact with.

xephedradap aka Colin Diesh from Columbia, Missouri uses lo-tech video mixing techniques to produce scrambled video and crazy colors. His work is a result of the continuous experimentation and discovery inspired by circuit bending.